Dear Chamber Members,
You are invited to a unique program to help businesses survive and thrive in response to this never-ending pandemic.  It’s called the Pandemic Shift Workshop, and I highly recommend you consider it.

Two of these workshops starting soon.  Each is four 90-minute Zoom sessions once a week on the same day/time.

  • One starts Wednesday Feb 24 from 10-11:30 AM,
  • and the next Tuesday March 16, also 10-11:30.

The program is offered through Stony Brook U, and with the generosity of Bank of America, it is entirely FREE for YOU.  The people who run the program are a small company called Shift Group which collectively has almost 100 years experience working with entrepreneurs and small business.  People love the program (4.8/5 ratings); the tools and handouts (same); and the chance for team problem-solving with other business owners (4.7/5).

Below is a flyer, a sample of some of the tools they use to get you organized; the application link; testimonials; and a bunch of media stories.  Please consider joining them.  It will be worth your while.

Pandemic Shift Flyer-- v2

Download or Print PDF